Satellite of The 9th Federation of the Asian and Oceanian Physiological Societies Congress (FAOPS2019)

   "Blossoming the Future of Active Learners"
Kobe, Japan
March 27-28, 2019

Kobe International
Conference Center

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March 2019

Donations prospectus  

  FAOPS2019 & ADInstruments Teaching Workshop
PresidenKOIBUCHI, Noriyuki
Secretary GeneralSHIBUYA, Masato
TreasurerWATANABE, Makino
    We have established the following Financial Policy for FAOPS2019 & ADInstruments Teaching Workshop.
    1. to acquire the funds necessary to achieve the main goal to become the forum to confront the latest in education research, know-how and materials, as well as a forum for exchange with physiology educators and education researchers. Thus, the main funding would come from registration fees, the Physiological Society of Japan, the Education Committee of the International Union of Physiological Sciences, and donations from those concerned.
    2. to give an approximately 20% discount for the 'early bird' registration, to provide three different registration fees according to gross national product and the cheapest fee for undergraduate students in order to promote participation, particularly that of young physiologists from Asia and Oceania.
         In order to pursue these policies and to heighten the accomplishment of this workshop so that it becomes a sound basis for further development of physiology education in Asia and Oceania, the kind support from members, friends and supporters of the Physiological Society of Japan and all who recognize the importance of physiology is essential. Here, your kind financial donation is cordially requested.

  Projected Budget
      itemJpn Yen
      donation, support1,200,000
      others (such as adds)400,000
      itemJpn Yen
      Printing programs and posters345,440
      renting venue329,400
      boards and poster panels453,600
      travel grant, invitations600,000
      congress company fee114,333

  How to donate
       Two means of donation have been prepared.

    (1) donation to Gunma Foundation for Medicine and Health Science, which is a public interest incorporated foundation
       Gunma Foundation for Medicine and Health Science has the legal status of specific public interest corporation, which means that the donation to this foundation, may it come from an individual or a legal entity, will be entitled as a deduction for a favorable tax treatment. Your donation to the foundation, designated for FAOPS2019 & ADInstruments Teaching Workshop, will fund the workshop. The following page provides a guide for donating to the Gunma Foundation. Any questions can be answered by the foundation office.
    (2) direct transfer to the account of FAOPS2019 & ADInstruments Teaching Workshop
       For those who do not need a deduction for favorable tax treatment, direct transfer to the bank account for FAOPS2019 & ADInstruments Teaching Workshop is also welcome. The guide is at the end of this booklet.

       The names of those who have kindly donated will be recognized on the website of the workshop. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know

       Your kind understanding on our mission and generous donation is greatly appreciated.